This group of skilled pickers has been forming and shaping itself since 2013 into a traditional-like bluegrass ensemble featuring the musical stylings of Casen Baumgardner (Guitar), Joe Schlaak (Bass), Ishi Wooton (Fiddle), Jonathan Bramel (Banjo/Resonator) and Chris Cupp (Mandolin). All coming from different backgrounds, but having the common denominator of KY roots, their unique combination of original jam grass, party tunes and country/rock/blues/contemporary cover songs has captured audiences all across the region and gained a reputation as a must see festival experience.

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Growing up around popular 90’s Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B and becoming heavily influenced by Early 2000’s Jam/Rock in his teenage years, he listened and studied the music of Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Pink Floyd, along with a vast range and appreciation of many other genres.

He first picked up a guitar when he was 17 years old. He quickly adapted to the guitar and learned a couple short riffs, later on learning chords and chord structures. The first song riff ever learned was “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. As a self taught musician, he studied the guitar stylings of Dave Matthews and dove deeply into learning songs of the Grateful Dead and eventually learning scales on his own, building up a small repertoire to begin performing in bars and small venues. His first project (w/ Joe Schlaak on Bass) was Country Dip, which transformed into Scenic Rhythm Band with an addition of a new lead guitarist, 2011-2012. In late 2012/early 2013 he began writing his first tunes for a new project which would eventually become Restless Leg String Band. 

The rest is history!

Favorite guitarist: Steve Kimock

Favorite food: Tacos!!!!

Joe Bass


Hailing from, Lexington, Joe, first started his musical journey in public school. "I played in the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra from middle school through highschool on Double Bass."

He then moved through some "Jam" and "Indie-Rock" bands before joining with guitarist, Casen Baumgardner, and banjo player, Brant Miller, to form, Restless Leg String Band, in 2013.

Major Influences include, Victor Wooten, Bootsy Collins, Geddy Lee, Phil Lesh, George Porter Jr., Les Claypool, Buckethead, Mike Gordon, Allen Woody, Edgar Meyer and more recently, bassist for, Jerry Douglas and Molly Tuttle, Daniel Kimbro.

He enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, music festivals, kayak fishing and outdoor game hunting. 

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Asian

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Johnny B.

Banjo/Resonator Guitar/Vocals

  After developing type1 diabetes at age,12, he was forced to use his time in an extensive pursuit of learning the 6 string guitar, which then opened the door to his preferred forte, slide guitar and 5 string banjo.

  Born and raised in a small town, Kentucky, Johnny aspires to grow and travel with, Restless Leg String Band, near and far, wherever the road takes them. "I love simplicity -- I do my best work in a sort of organized chaos." And always managing to make time for his best friends, his band mates.

Associated acts include: Vessel (Louisville) and Hollow Bone.

Major influences: Matt Menefee, Jerry Douglas, John Hartford



Born in the bay area, CA. Spent most of his early musical development playing in a family band with 2 sisters and Dad, playing in retirement homes, block parties and busking for allowance on 4th street at the age of 8, then, suddenly uprooted at age 13, to Leslie County Kentucky, where he furthered his interests into heavy metal and rock music, playing drums, guitar, electric bass, yet, always coming back around to playing the fiddle, weaving through various local acts until finally being introduced to his true passion of touring with a band when he formed, Bloodroots Barter, taking on a "Gypsy Grass" roots Americana sound and began writing music. From there, being introduced to Terrapin Hill Farm, he met with so many musicians who would soon become dear friends and over several different projects like, Yoho Buffalo, JIJI and Swarp Family Ramblers, in 2014, would stumble upon the opportunity to play with, Restless Leg String Band, setting the course of his musical career to this day.

Best Friend: Hand Grenade "Hank" Black Metal Led Zeppelin

Likes: Cooking and Skateboarding

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Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Chris Cupp is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in mandolin and cello. Chris started playing cello in the fourth grade when he was nine years old. As time went on, Chris began taking private lessons and eventually playing in the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra. During his years In high school, he started learning more about fiddle music while playing in various groups in the local bluegrass music scene. Later in his music career, he went on to study Cello Performance at the University of Louisville School of Music.

 His inspirations draw from a wide variety of genres-classical, jazz, and country artists such as John Prine, Chris Thile, and Yo-Yo Ma getting some of his favorites. 

Chris enjoys playing video games, hiking, hanging with friends and camping in his free time.

Favorite past time: Believing in aliens

Favorite car: Trucks